Last Updated: July 25, 2016

The privacy and security policies of TrackKnight are not only based on a document but worth in real manners. In this documents we of security and safety overview we are going to discuss the details for our concerning clients.

Data Collected by TrackKnight

In TrackKnight we collect and save user’s information about their email activities to give them the services of tracking. In such information, we keep a copy of customer’s recipient’s email address along with the subject line of the user. We don’t save any copy of the body or content of user’s emails messages by keeping in view the privacy terms of our users. The extension of TrackKnight requires the permission during installation on your web browser but we don’t record or save any of your browser activity. Our extension also doesn’t have any access to modify or store any of user’s data. We are using the third party services for payment process through credit cards. When the user enters their payment details it directly connects to the third party “2ceckout”. Sometimes, we need to access user’s data for our services such as authorization access to Google contact etc. this information are kept secured with encryption by TrackKnight.

System Access

The interaction between Gmail®, Office365 and TrackKnight occurs through a secure connection. All web reports management and account activities are executed over a secure connection. We deploy our system with leading cloud service providers over a secure connection including Windows Azure, Heroku™ and Amazon Web Services. We use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication for these services, and limit access to only our staff and systems which have the legitimate need.

Event Response and Rectification

TrackKnight is monitoring their system 24/7 with the excellent performance measurements and tools of error-checking if any problem occurs in the system our team instantly start an investigation and resolving the issues. If we found any serious or time taking event/ incident we immediately inform our clients to save them from inconvenience. If any security breach happens, we will urgently inform affected users regarding the type and extent of the breach, and take important steps to minimize any damage.

Danger Management

We execute consistent exposure scans of our Internet-facing utilization using qualified industry standard tools to recognize issues essential to fix. Once potential vulnerabilities are acknowledged, we sort them immediately.

Data Confidentiality and Retention

We don’t sell, trade or exchange any of our user’s information except it is required as discussed in the privacy policy. The employees of TrackKnight could only access limited data of the users that are required to solve the issues. If anyone tried to breach this policy, it will be taken seriously and after proper investigation, some disciplinary and legal action could be taken. If we have received any request to remove the account we will destroy all related data from our system. We often backup data or the limited time period of 90 days.

Reporting to the Security Issues

Our services and security of our systems are our top priority at any cost. Our main purpose is to satisfy our clients with our services. If the user found any security danger, we would appreciate if they discuss it with us immediately and make us able to solve the issue at our earliest. We can provide the best security measurements to our clients with their own assistance.

Important things for the user to follow:

Important steps could be taken by the team of TrackKnight:

We will work to resolve the security issues and need your support to play your own role in a positive way. The security issues could be resolved and managed more efficiently with your assistance.